Handknit Poncho with "No-Animal"Suede Trim

$ 300.00 $ 1,250.00

This is a one of a kind poncho hand knit by Jackie Robbins. Geometric rows of knitted yarns of different textures in dusty pinks and muted grapey purples. Faux suede grape colored cloth in 2" trim down both sides and around the opening in the middle, with 6" fringes to finish. Pull the middle opening around both sides of the neck and bunch one side over a shoulder. Or create your own way to wear it, maybe even as a skirt!

Purchase from our SAMPLE SALE at a much reduced price. This is an original one of a kind piece. Find our purple ostrich leather skirt or the dusty pink suede and leather pants outfit for sale in the LEATHER SUIT collection as possible combination pieces with this knitted poncho. 

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