Product Information



At Leather Waves we strive for the best quality possible in manufacturing our product. We purchase the materials involved in every production with great care. We expect the best from our vendors knowing that quality is of the utmost importance to you, our client. Our designer, Jackie Robbins is committed to crafting our Leather Goods with the amount of detail closest to perfection that is possible.




We guarantee all of our merchandise to customer satisfaction. Although we cannot offer refunds when you purchase by CUSTOM ORDER, we will make sure you are 100% satisfied, even if it requires redoing or remaking, altering, adding or taking off. It is our policy to insure that you have many years of pleasure and usage with your purchases from Leather Waves. If you purchase an item already made in our SAMPLE SALE and you are not pleased with your purchase when you receive it you may return the item/items for a full refund as long as no tags have been removed, the item/items have not been used and the merchandise is returned within 14 days. If we customize a SAMPLE SALE item for you it falls into the CUSTOM ORDER category.




We will be happy to alter or make changes to items purchased from our store. Mostly we will not charge the client for these alterations. If a charge is involved you will be notified in advance and work will be done only with your expressed approval.




When you receive your merchandise you will more than likely find “care instructions” included. If not, feel free to contact us at any time to ask questions about how to care for your Leather Waves products. Generally speaking we do not recommend dry-cleaning or washing leather, although in some instances it may be necessary. We are happy to share tips and small remedies when incidences occur that may impact your leather investments and need attention. We are also available to make repairs to your Leather Waves merchandise, exclusively, should the need arise. We invite you to always consult with us about your purchases from Leather Waves, free of charge.




We want to be one of your preferred merchants and your go-to source for your leather goods. We desire your patronage and look forward to serving you for many years to come. Jackie Robbins Leather Waves is proud to announce that in 2014 we have completed 40 years in business in Malibu California. We have hundreds of clients that have been using our creative services for so many years that we now have generations in families that we have done leather work for. We invite you to become one of our preferred clients and experience the integrity and high standards we have become known for.