Double Tie Wide Leather Belt

$ 295.00

We love these statement style leather belts, because when you add it to a dress or wear it over a blouse or sweater it really makes a statement, accentuating the waistline. This one is an interesting piece of Taupe/Brown colored distressed cowhide with a with a random high grain pattern, slightly waxy to give definition. The reliable 4 large antique silver colored gripper snaps give you a lot of options in sizing the piece. The larger flaired bottom piece wrapps around the body at various angles for a perfect fit, overlap more to make it smaller and use less snaps to let it out and make it bigger. The tie that wraps around the middle is double sided with a pinkish tan or taupe brown side to choose from, giving you 2 color variations for wearing the belt.

Purchase this belt from our SAMPLE SALE at a reduced price. The size can vary from 32" - 42".

Or purchase this belt by CUSTOM ORDER made to your specifications. Suggest a color or color combination and we will find it for you. Allow 3-5 weeks for fabrication.

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