Chamois Bikini

$ 250.00

The Chamois Bikini never ceases to engage. It's probably the softness of the skin and a kind of native look. Made of patchwork pieces and braided leather tie strings with a bit of bronzed leather added. Adjustable string, ties and elastic bands sew in the right places allow you to move the pieces into the right place and tighten. Yes you can actually wear it in the water. Don't use in a hot tub may shrink away to nothing! Instructions for keeping your chamois bikini in great shape will come in the package. Each one comes out a bit different as each wearer makes it look unique. Sexy and Sure. 

Purchase this bikini in our SAMPLE SALE at a reduced price. The suit is a size medium.

Or purchase by CUSTOM ORDER and have it made to your specifications. Chamois comes in different colors but colors may "run" if used in the water...the classic chamois color is best! Allow 3-5 weeks for fabrication.

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